DogAggression_1The dog aggression is one of the most serious problems that may exist. Aggression can be toward adults, toward children, toward other dogs, territorially, food aggression and various combinations. Aggression sometimes may be due at some health problem. Whatever it is the results is biting, snapping, stiffening and growling. Large breed of dogs are more dangerous than smaller breeds, because they can cause major injuries and the consequences can be very serious. Aggression in a relatively high percentage is the result of mistakes from caring, from teaching or from dog integration in our life. Aggression may also due on genetically determined, as a result from improper selection. When you see your dog to show some form of aggression it is desirable first to visit your veterinarian to reject any health problems then you can contact the behaviorist who can help you to solve the problem. To achieve good results is very important to seek help at the first showing of aggression. The veterinarian most often recommends spaying/neutering of the dog, but does not always achieve good results from this. In my practice I have had many cases of dog aggression. To achieve good results first you need introduce me in your case, after that I can do the necessary personal observations, do the experiments to see the reaction of the dog and then I will  start to work with him  using only positive methods.

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