potty I offer "HOUSETRAINING" for young dogs. This course is exceptionally important to start as soon as possible with introducing on your pup his new home. Below I will present you some basic rules to train on potty your four-legged buddy. There are different ways to train puppy on potty. Popular are to use crate, litter box or paper. Regardless of using methods is very important training begins from first day on your dog in home. Make notice with time when he was on bathroom spot to relieve (after feeding, after waking up, after playing) and do frequently with him for potty. When you are in home keep eye close on him. If you see to showing that has to go, like sniffing or circling, lift the puppy and keep him into the right spot to relieve no longer than 10 minutes. Always after he do something good praise him gently. Find the right way to doing. Try on different ways and practice this who is perceived best. Remember some dogs learn quickly while other take months for them to learn. Be patient and never use old methods of hitting the dog with a rolled-up newspaper or rubbing his nose in his mistake. It is inhumane and ineffective.

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