Go Wild and Freeze

go-wildGo Wild and Freeze is a game that gives you an off switch for your dog's excitement and helps prevent jumping. First, teach your dog to sit for a treat. Next, wave your arms and hop around, your dog will likely begin bouncing and playing along with you. After moment, stop, stand tall, ask your dog to sit, and reward him with a treat when he obeys. After your dog learns to play this game with you, add family members and friends to the mix. Show them how to cue and reward your dog for sitting, then give each player a treat and call, "Go wild!" Everyone should bounce around and make happy noise until you say "Freeze", then all players must stop and stand tall. The person nearest the dog asks him to sit and rewards him. Then you call "Go wild!" and begin another round. This game is great for teaching children and dogs to play safely together. Kids learn how to get the dog to sit, which keeps him from jumping on them, and how to calm him when he gets too rowdy in play. Dogs learn that when kids stop moving they should too and that it's more rewarding to sit than to jump. Adult should always supervise play between children and dogs so they don't accidentally frighten or hurt each other.

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