Safe and Hazardious Toys

dog-and-toysMost toys provide dogs with mental stimulation and exercise, and they can keep dogs occupied while their people are away. But it's up you to buy toys that won't harm your dog. The following list discusses which toys can be dangerous and which are safe.
  • Give your dog toys made especially for dogs. Toy made for children or other animals and items found around the yard or house can be dangerous;
  • Give your dog toys that are the appropriate size for your dog. A dog can choke on balls or toys that are too small;
  • Avoid giving your dog sticks, wooden toys and cooked bones. They can splinter, causing damage to a dog's teeth and mouth, choking, vomiting, ulcers, and intestinal perforation. Hard bones can damage teeth. Some people feed their dog uncooked bones as part of a raw food diet. While they usually don't splinter as easily as cooked bones, uncooked bones may harbor bacteria such salmonella, which can lead to illness;
  • Give your dog bones and toys made of hard rubber and nylon. They are safe and especially good for teething puppies;
  • Do not allow your dog to chew towels, socks, shoes, and other pieces of discarded clothing. They can be swallowed, in part or whole, and cause intestinal obstructions. Also, allowing your dog to chew old clothing sends a message that it is okay for him to chew all clothing that bears your scent;
  • Avoid giving your dog toys with squeaking mechanisms or made of soft latex. Small parts such as squeaking mechanisms can cause choking and intestinal obstructions. Soft latex toys can shared;
  • Do not allow your dog to chew rocks. In addition to damaging the mouth and teeth, rocks can also block the intestines if swallowed;
  • Purchase only high-quality, 100 percent rawhide chews from reputable pet supply stores. Inexpensive rawhide bought at swap meets and other discount venues may be preserved with arsenic , which is toxic. Throw away small pieces of chews so your dog doesn't swallow them, potentially causing choking or intestinal obstruction.

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